WW: Happy as Larry

Have you ever wondered just to Larry was? The only person who would know for sure would be the author who first used the term. It was an Australian writer who first used it (that was documented) and the phrase was ‘we would be as happy as Larry if it wasn’t for the rats.’ My guess is that Larry was probably a friend who was always laughing.

I thought I would write a small story about the Larry I imagine.


I could hear Larry laughing any time I cared to listen out for the sound. You always knew that a wide smile and genuine happiness in his eyes would accompany it. To be honest, I was jealous of Larry because he was always so happy. What did he do that made him so utterly and annoyingly cheerful? I would often think I would be as happy as Larry if it wasn’t for the pay, or if I had a decent sandwich. What I wouldn’t give to be the life and soul of a party like he was. It wasn’t fair.

I wrote this in response to writing Wednesday.


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