Monday journal – 30 March 2020

Hello everybody and welcome into a new week.

I know I have been suspiciously absent for a few days but there is no need to panic because I am doing fine. There is no sign of any stupid virus in this household! I hope everybody else’s doing great and staying safe during these rather strange times.

My writers group have given me things to think about so I will have a look at that and then start sorting everything else out. I am going to use the April camp to get myself working on this. It is my aim to boost a bit more regular on his blog so that everybody stays in the loop.

Life in lockdown is certainly not as boring as everybody thinks! I have been having video chats with my family, listening to audiobooks, watching TV, and playing games on my computer. The game is the elder scrolls online. On my tablet I have been busy with best fiends, coin master, and a couple of other games.

Music and podcasts have also been taking up my time. I listen to weird AF news, weird darkness, no sleep, they walk among us, the ghost story guys, and evidence locker.

You see, I am too busy to be bored!

Stay safe, stay home, get creative!

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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