Review: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

NEVERWHERE - Neil Gaiman | Delfi knjižare | Sve dobre ...

I can no longer say that I know nothing about Neil Gaiman and its style of writing. This book showcases his sense of humour perfectly, along with their way he sees the world. Man, he is nearly as twisted as me, LOL.

This is the story following the livelihood of a man called Richard who moves from Scotland to London for work. He is silent and would do anything to please people. His fiancée, Jessica, is just using him because everything is done in her way with no argument from him. He finds an injured girl and takes her home to find medical aid. This results in Jessica breaking the engagement, and then the two bad guys. I have never seen these names written as I listened to the audiobook, though I won’t try to work them out. These two are hysterical and they could make a whole series just about those and I would read it. And the whole thing provides the introduction of Richard to London below.

Then he discovers that he has ceased to exist. His job is gone, and I rent his flat out to somebody else because no one knows he is there. Confused by this he sets out to find the woman (Dor) who he rescued to try and find what is going on. He is to hold then that he cannot survive in London above and must find his way in a world he knows nothing about.

The rest of the book is about their adventures as they all strive to achieve individual goals. It takes them to the Angel Islington and then to the Blackfriars. It is quite a brilliant insight into what might be already in existence beneath our feet that nobody knows about. It is brilliant!

I have only one observation. That is that I thought Neil Gaiman wrote horror. There is potential for that, but he does not have descriptions that would go with it. I mean, like the crucifixion, for example. It is only because people know what one looks like that we can picture it.

Mind you, I think the same about most of Stephen Kings work! Maybe I am just immune!

However, because this is so funny I would give it 8/10. Well, funny, imaginative, and observational. It is definitely well worth a read just for those reasons mentioned. I thoroughly enjoyed this and will be checking out some of his other work.


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