Monday journal – 23 March 2020

Here we go on another week 🙂

I am doing okay, even the muscle spasms have left me alone so there is a good thing! I have been happily playing best fiends and have nearly made it to the end of a quest in special event! So, yeah, all good fun!

Neverwhere is finished, so I will be writing a review about that. It was great, he is hilarious and I could see why him and Terry Pratchett made a great combination. Mind you, considering he is supposed to be the horror guy his work was not horrific. I won’t get into much detail here because I will write a review.

I have done little writing, about from my attempt at the Haiku. This time, I received a few comments so it was something going right! Probably the first one that has, LOL.

We will have a virtual meeting of the writers group, so that will definitely be interesting. If anybody else would like me to send them some work for them to look at I don’t mind. You can be as critical as you want, as long as it is constructive. Just send me an email 🙂

There is a Facebook group called Rock the lockdown which is all about watching live musicians playing in their lounge so everyone can have their and personal party. This is a brilliant idea.

Anyway, until next week, stay safe!


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