Song lyric Sunday: Vow/oath/promise

For today’ssong lyrics Sunday, they have given us the prompts of vow/oath/promise. There was so many songs that jumped into my head so I will share them all for you 🙂

First, we have my chemical romance with I’m not okay (I promise). This has absolutely no bearing to the situation we all find ourselves in at the moment. Yes, we are all stuck inside but we don’t make the best of it whether it is with music, writing, reading, movies, or just general comedy.
There is not much to say about this band, they came along, they were huge, then they disappeared and have just resurfaced as a reunion tour. I didn’t get tickets, but I am not sure the concerts will go ahead unless the virus has blown over.
For a time I ran the my chemical romance board on AOL which was great fun, and I really miss the experience.

Well, up next would be a band I shared only couple of weeks ago so I’m repeating myself! Placebo. It just happened that one of their tracks fitted into this so well that I had to share.
Anyway, the track is called broken promise and it is a duet. Does anybody recognise the voice of the other man? (No googling, that’s cheating!)

Last, but not least, would be Depeche Mode. You can’t give me a word like vow without the line ‘vows are spoken to be broken’ running through my mind. So, here is enjoying the silence.


4 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday: Vow/oath/promise

  1. Angie My Chemical Romance I’m Not Okay is a real rocker, thanks for sharing this. Placebo’s Broken Promise is also very nice and has a lot of nice changes in it going from being mellow to metal. Depeche Mode was a nice way to finish your post today.

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    1. I am glad you enjoyed them 🙂 Any idea on the other male singer in the placebo track? To be honest, I wouldn’t have worked it out if it wasn’t written on the album! Depeche Mode have to be one of my favourites so you may find them shared more often… I do dry and keep it more varied. Thank you for watching, hosting, and commenting.

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