Song lyric Sunday: North/South/East/West

For this week’song lyric Sunday we were given the directions of North/South/East/West. I have chosen West (although East is mentioned as well) with this song from my era. West End girls by the Pet Shop Boys. I hope you enjoy it.

There is a bonus video for you this week! The primary directions are mentioned but it is all about trying to find your way home. Trying to follow the crow. (The flood mentions is because this entire album was a story about somebody getting lost at sea) unfortunately, this band have broken up, or rather, stop playing. Funeral for a friend were a Welsh band (seriously, how much talent comes out of Wales?) That emerged about the same time as bullet for my valentine who were friends.



7 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday: North/South/East/West

    1. Only a few?! Funeral for a friend were never really big but I did really enjoy what they produced. That album, tales don’t tell themselves, was IMO their best. Thank you for working and commenting.

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