Song lyric Sunday/song of the day – Them/us/you/we/me

For this week’s song lyric Sunday we have been given the prompts of them/us/you/we/me so I have chosen a song that uses most of them within it. Only one in title, but most are there.
It is also my song of the day because it sums up my life at the moment. It contains the line ‘because the last few nights have kicked my ass’ although in my case it would say because the last few days. I have not been about because I have been struggling with muscle spasms. I am still here though 🙂

Anyway, this song is Here’s to us by Halestorm. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday/song of the day – Them/us/you/we/me

    1. She really does have a great voice, I think her best tracks are ‘familiar taste of poison’ and ‘miss the misery’. You know me, always happy to share some music. Thank you for watching, hosting, and commenting.

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  1. This is the second song this week I didn’t recognize the title or artist…then it all came back when the music started! Love her voice.

    Can relate with the muscle spasms. Getting them in my hands too these days and that’s new. UGH!

    Here’s to us! 😊

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