Song lyric Sunday – terms of endearment

For this week’s song lyric Sunday

We are looking for terms of endearment for a loved one. I have chosen the song baby, I don’t care by transmission vamp. (I know it is baby and not babe, but the word honey is mentioned.) I hope you enjoy it 🙂



11 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday – terms of endearment

  1. Aaaah, the typical 90s rock beat! I love it, it remembers me of Fine Young Cannibals. What was Transvision Vamp’s most well-known song? I swear I have heard of them before.

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    1. Five young cannibals… Fantastic group! Yes, this was transformation vamps most famous song. Nearly a one-hit wonder but I’m pretty sure they had another one at some point although not as large! Thank you to watching and commenting.


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