#FFFC: Hide and seek


When we were moving house, I discovered a box of old negatives. I held them up the light in curiosity and found the pictures of me and my sister playing hide and seek from years ago. I smiled at the memory of the younger girl running up to me desperate to play. I agreed and turned my back to count to 100.

Joanne had hidden really well. It was 17 years and we have still never found the hiding place even though we had tried looking everywhere. Even the police had joined us, but she was nowhere to be found.

Written in response to fandango’s flash fiction challenge.


4 thoughts on “#FFFC: Hide and seek

  1. Maybe it’s just my iPhone or something funky with the WordPress app for iOS, but the photo for this prompt shows up at least 20-30 times at the beginning of your post before your story began. It’s probably an issue with the way the post renders on my iPhone.

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    1. Turns out, it was nothing to do with the iPhone or the application. Something strange had gone on when I copied it and then pasted it onto my story. For reasons only known to WordPress it copied it 20 times! Sorted it now so thank you for pointing it out 🙂 also thank you for reading, hosting, and commenting.

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