SPF – The vanishing

Photo Credit MorguefilePhoto Credit Morguefile

The policeman walked away from the table, thoughtfully scratching his chin. This was like an old case. Too similar. Even the note in the book was the same.

“12:45 PM – Mr Kipper”

So many years later and the case had gone cold. It was probable that the girl they were looking for all those years ago was dead, and in fact the family legally decided that.

Why would somebody be using the same technique 33 years later? A lead back to the original question? What had happened to Suzy all those years before? It was not like they had any leads to go on from the previous case.

Now this young girl, Diane, was missing leaving the same clue. Was this destined to go cold like her coffee?

Inspired by this week’s Sunday photo fiction and the cold case shown below. (Yes, my YouTube watching has been strange!)

5 thoughts on “SPF – The vanishing

  1. Fantastic! I’ve been reading some true crime stories on Medium. They’re fascinating…I keep the most interesting for later research for my mystery books. Glad to see you’re still playing along on Sundays.

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    1. You should subscribe to a YouTube channel called that chapter as they discuss these all the time! I love watching things like this 🙂 I’m is a few weeks here and there for various reasons but I do enjoy playing this one! Thank you for reading, hosting, and commenting.

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