Good omens (TV series) – review

Good Omens Season 2: Micheal Sheen On Possibility Of ...

First, this is coming from somebody who has not got round to reading the book so I don’t comment on how well it translates from one to the other. Mind you, I have just got hold of the book as I will rectify this as soon as I get the time!

Saying all of that though, the first thing that I noticed was that sense of humour Terry Pratchett always seems to give that this kind of project. I can’t really comment on Neil Gaiman as I have not read any of his work. (Not sure how I have never done it as he has done so much, but there you go, one of those strange things!)

I found the series to be enjoyable, and I really enjoyed all the ways the characters seemed to be blown out of proportion but I suppose this had to be done considering the story that they are trying to tell.

Jack Whitehall was very good in the character they gave him to play and made that slightly convincing. (Only slightly because both the character and the situation he was in would never be possible to make him believable.)

I could say the same for any of the characters. Mind you, I suppose that depends on your belief system. However, this is probably not recommended for a strictly Christian person because of the depiction of Angels and Demons. I just took it for what it was, a humorous picture of how lives can go with only the slightest influence.

Anyway, the series will be shown on the BBC this week. If you are in the UK, then you will see it. I am not sure of this is shown in other countries.

There is not much I can say about the story itself without giving everything away. I highly recommend that everyone watches this series as I think it would definitely make you smile. Well, if you like Terry Pratchett, then you will probably like this.) When I have read the book I will put up another review that compares the two!


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