WW: Getting a head.

It all came down to a flip of a coin.

There were two of us going through the tunnels of the underground in London. There were no trains, so there was no worry about getting hit. Apparently, this is quite a regular occurrence for workers of the underground, but it was definitely of no concern that day. It was our job to check any debris there would be a danger to trains/staff/commuters.

Boring really.

Anyway, we reached the end of the first track and the tunnel split so we knew we had to split up. So, we thought we were making the day more interesting by having a bet on a coin to see who was going right or left. Heads it was, so off I headed into the left tunnel. I was walking down and humming a tune when I heard the strange noise. It is very difficult to describe the noise, but it was like everything had been sucked out of the atmosphere and then released into chaos.

I turned round, and that is when I first noticed the cloud of dust that was moving towards me. Panicked, I ran down the track in the opposite direction from the cloud until I reached the next station along. When I got there, the staff were already on alert.

Turns out, the right had collapsed because of a road traffic collision above involving a tanker that had exploded. My colleague had died because he had picked tails.

Freaked me right out, and now I will never pick tails.

Written in response to my challenge writing Wednesday.


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