SPF: Never trust a drinking buddy

Photo courtesy of DB McNicol, author

Tony came flying into the room, where the great deal of excitement. “I have won a boat, and they told me they will name it after me!”

“I don’t remember you entering a competition,” said the ever sceptical wife as she turned to face him. “Who are they?”

“Andy told me he had entered on my behalf as it was free. It is down at the dock and I going to see it.”

“Andy? Your drinking buddy? Tony, this doesn’t seem right.”

“Don’t be silly. Come with me to see it before you say anything.”

She reluctantly agreed and followed him from the house to the dock. Waiting for them was something even she wasn’t expecting. Apparently, Tony had won a tug boat complete with his initials. Sheila had to go over to shake Andy by the hand for the brilliant trick on her husband.

I wrote this in response to this week’s Sunday photo fiction prompt


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