Monday journal – 17 December 2019

Maybe I should just give up on my Monday journal idea and change their day to Tuesday! I am sure that Mondays will make a turn for the better and be less hectic so I can get something done!

Mind you, there is not a lot I have two catch you up with when it comes to writing. I have been trying (and failing) to post on a more regular basis with the flash fiction challenges et cetera.

I will be restarting both my main project next year after I have had my one month away. Once I actually go through what I have written I am guessing there is probably about 10,000 words that are actually usable, and 40,000 other words. LOL. I guess we just have to wait and see for all of that.

Anyway, I will stop blabbering now and let everybody go back to what they were doing. Until next week, keep having fun!


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