The reason I didn’t post yesterday

Well, apart from the Friday Fun that I had scheduled on Thursday before I went out.

I think I spent most of yesterday in complete disbelief over the election result in the UK. It has probably been the most disastrous result I could have hoped for.

The Conservative party is all about austerity and keeping the rich with money to burn (in Boris’s case, in front of homeless people) and making them poor suffer. Over the past nine years, the services I rely on such as caring in the community, community-based projects like libraries, the NHS, medication, and public transport have been axed into almost a nonexistence. You only have to look at the statistics about numbers of homelessness and lack of child support or vulnerable adult care/support. I don’t know what will happen to the UK.

Notice, I haven’t mentioned Brexit because I am not bothered about that as much as I am about what will happen to the UK.

I will have to work out how I could emigrate somewhere when I already have medical needs and would need support wherever I go. The ideal place would be Norway because of the access they have for most things based in the community and the knowledge they have in that department. However, there is no way I can afford that!

So, yeah, that is where I am right about now.


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