WW: Silence

Everything was still. The sweet silence engulfed me and the relief was unprecedented. It was like everything could make sense to me after what felt like a violent attack. She had never spoken intending to cause harm, but everything seemed to pierce straight through my very soul. All I wanted was for her to understand exactly what I was going through.

In the silence, I gathered her into my arms and pressed my lips to hers to prevent any words from spilling out. I just wanted to enjoy everything I wanted in silence. Perfect silence. There is no place for any words in this situation. Everything I wanted was right there, why I would want to spoil the moment with speech?

It seemed like a promise would be shattered. Whether there was meaning behind the urge to lie was of no importance. It was just what happened when people made promises to each other without knowing what the future would hold. I wanted to enjoy the moment and feel the intense pleasure without those meaningless words. They would harm.

Pain from that harm would do nothing but tear apart the moment in any memory. That was something I could not bear. I had to remember this moment perfectly and to do that I needed silence.

The silence between partners can be glorious.

Inspired by the song, enjoy the silence by Depeche Mode.

Written in response to my own challenge of writing Wednesday.


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