Review: Spirits in the Forest

When I went along to this film, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was thinking is going to be like their film 101 which is something I don’t have a problem with at all. However, it is not like that because they found six fans that all had different stories to tell about their lives as they would be at the same concert.

Each story was very different depicting things like the fall of the Iron Curtain letting new information in, beating cancer, and losing memories of their life. They are all rincredibly touching and extremely well told in this film. Hats off to directing skills of Anton Corbijn.

Live footage was amazing, and the sound was incredible. It really was like you right there with everyone about the final concert for each part they showed. It was nice to see that the whole thing was not centred around the band. It was all about the fans, the stories, the love the same music that makes the family atmosphere, and the anticipation of the show would follow.

It is a must-watch for any fan and makes for a fantastic piece of film. I would think even the non-fan would appreciate this because of the different stories that are shown within it.

Not much else to say about it really because I know I am biased with talking about anything this band has done. I loved it!


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