Review: Les Miserables staged concert

Well, I went to see this last night at our local cinema which was packed. I have always been a great fan of Les Miserables so I been looking forward this since I first booked tickets. As you can see from above, it has a full star cast including Alfie Boe, Michael Ball, and Matt Lucas. It was also great to see Carrie Ann Fletcher and the rest of the wonderful cast who made the show enjoyable.

The only thing that was missing were the sets like the barricades, but they made up for this. Mind you, it would bring impossible to have those sets on stage because everyone was sitting around the space in the middle and the orchestra. I have got to say; they wonderfully use the space they had a whole thing was spectacular.

It was the final night that they broadcast in cinemas so we got everyone speeches at the end of the show. They included Michael Ball handing over the role of the inspector along with the coat to the new cast member taking over the role when the show moves next door. We also got to see Cameron Mackintosh along with a few of the important people like directors and writers who had taken part in the show so many years before.

Performances were all stunning, and I was particularly impressed with Matt Lucas who played the innkeeper so well. His voice was incredible and he had the style to perform the comedy to perfection. Credit should also be given to the one who played his wonderful wife. I should also give Carrie Ann Fletcher credit for the wonderful way she played the character Fontine.

There was definitely a night that I would repeat although I still think the stage performance itself is so much better because of the sets and the way they can move away from the microphones that had them placed at the front.

A must watch to anyone that has worked or just enjoyed the show over the years. (I believe the speeches are on YouTube if you really want to find them. I have not noticed if the whole thing is there but I would doubt that.)


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