Something random

Okay, I have brought myself a new game to try and play. Well, it has been out for ages but it is new for me!

Anyway, I couldn’t work out which direction I needed to be walking in so I decided to watch a YouTube walk through of the section. When I finally found what I was looking for you will never believe who was doing the walk through.

None other than fandango!

The game is called Alan Wake and I would highly recommend it. If you are like me (rubbish at fighting) then you would enjoy the game because it is more about puzzles than combat.

Don’t worry fandango, I won’t be asking you questions about the game because it was released in 2012 so you probably don’t even remember. I always have those YouTube videos if I get stuck.

Plus, I do have the manual!

So there is my entry into this FOWC


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