Monday journal – 21 October 2019

Hello world!

I know it is late, but I have had one of those days. Anyway, there is not that much to report but overall have a good go at keeping everyone up to speed with everything going on with writing.

I put in my scene for the writer’s group and was surprised with just how well it was received. I must write Alice a lot better than I thought I did. All of my notes were general that came back which was all like sentence structure and tidying up. They also complimented me on my dialogue which has made me thrilled.

My favourite writer is Dean Koontz and I have ways wanted to write good dialogue like he does. It is something I have always struggled with so to get a compliment on my writing of dialogue makes me thrilled. I know that I will never be in the same league as him but I feel like I have taken a step in the right direction.

No, I will never come up with the ideas he does, but that makes everyone unique. I am not even planning on writing in the same genre (although shorter pieces of horror are easier now to write considering that is what I have published)

I am thinking of doing NaNoWriMo this year so be ready for less work to appear on my blog next month.

That is it from me for now. Have a good week everybody!


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