Monday journal – 14 October 2019

Can you believe it is Monday already?

Mind you, I can’t be sorry to say goodbye to last week because that was so manic I just could not cope! I am hoping for a quiet week this week as recovery.

It did finally finish that scene and have sent it into my writer’s group so that will be in the review on Thursday night. Looking forward to that one because it is a night of fantasy writing which suits me just fine. That is about the only thing creative I have to update you on as everything else was like just trying to keep my head above the water!

At least I did some flash fiction, and I am pleased with what I got out there 🙂

Just a short update this time, I will let you know how the review goes next week in my journal. I am pleased with what I have done, but I am happy to receive any constructive criticism coming my way from the group.

Until then, stay happy and well 🙂


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