SPF: Bad day


I hoped there would be no other day like the morning I woke up in a foreign land only to discover I no longer had a job. No amount of training would have helped on that day in the resort as the customers also realised someone stranded them. They were understandably angry as there was no sign before they left the company was in trouble. If the lack of communication upset them, then what did they think I was? I had no job and no way home.

All I could do the day was listen to the outrage growing amongst everybody. The only communication I received had arrived that morning informing me of the companies’ collapse. Apparently, the UK was organising what it was calling re-patronising. There was nothing I could do to ease customer worries.

We were called to the airport in a matter of days to find that they had organised many flights. There was a lot of queueing but at least we were going home. I flew back with Delta, and on my way through the airport I threw my Thomas Cook badge in the bin.

I was just another stranded traveller. I never understood what happened.

Written for Sunday photo fiction.


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