FFftPP: Green circle

grass checkers

Sophie was in mid-flow with the conversation when they walked through the door. She stopped instantly and stared at the floor.

The small group that had been following her drew to a halt and looked about them in confusion. They exchanged nervous glances between each other before asking Sophie the obvious question. “Are you okay? What is the problem?”

The reasoning behind their reluctance was explained as Sophie opened her arms. “This floor, I saw it in a vision.” She began dancing around blessing everyone by sprinkling glitter everywhere. “It is a sign of what is coming.”

“What is coming?”

“No idea! I just know this is a sign.”

Slowly everybody started edging away from the dancing woman, pretending they did not know her. By the time security arrived, the room was empty.

Undeterred, Sophie threw her glitter over them. “Blessing to all who stand on this green circle!”

A guard smacked his forehead. “This is the third one today, whose turn is it this time?”

Written for flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner


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