Friday fictioneers: I told you so

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda


The old woman gave a sigh as she joined the back of the queue. “This is becoming like a ritual,” she announced to nobody in particular. “It rains and houses ain’t built to cope no more. Here we are again lining up for some safe to stay overnight.” She adjusted the pillow she was holding and tried to balance the umbrella above.

“I told my late husband it would be a mistake to buy a house on the floodplains. I told him this would be the result. But no, it was all about money. Cheaper. He should’ve listened to me.”

Written for Friday fictioneers



Written for Friday fictioneers


7 thoughts on “Friday fictioneers: I told you so

  1. My Motherinlaw wanted us to move down to a community along the river. … I looked at her and with a completely straight face said “Only a Fool builds on the floodplain, and I am not a fool.” She snorted and stuck her nose in the air. I don’t live on the floodplain, and I am not a fool…despite what she thinks. Great story!

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      1. We actually ended up spending a month living in our tent at the local state park, and a few weeks in our car at the truckstop before we found housing… it was worth it as we ended up in a neighbor that was on much higher ground, literally.

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