FFftPP: Empty chairs at empty tables


They had set the tables nice and neatly along the street as they had every morning for many years now. They had stacked the menus in the central position waiting for the daily rush to start. It was a rush that never arrived. For the whole day, the only thing to rustle the paper napkins was the slight breeze that blew down the desolate street.

The staff weren’t bored because they were not there. Nobody was there. The disappearance of humans was a complete mystery. They were there one moment, and not the next. If any scientists remained, it would have been a series of great speculation. However, there was nobody left to ask why it happened.

Written for flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner


5 thoughts on “FFftPP: Empty chairs at empty tables

    1. Maybe one of those! The truth is, I have them playing way too much skyrim in which there are various stories about how the dwarves suddenly vanished with no explanation. I just wondered how it would work with humans. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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