Monday journal – 16 September 2019

Hello everybody and welcome to the start of another new week 🙂 I have sorted out some of my issues with WordPress. Apparently, the problem with Dragon dictation is something that they well know of and is an open issue with them. They have converted it back to the classic editor, so I can use Dragon again freely 🙂

Happy bunny!

It is my writing group this week, and although I will present none of my work, I have the podcast to share. The group was unaware that it was being read out when I emailed them. The work we have is excellent, so I am looking forward to hearing what everyone says, which is usually the opposite of my own impressions! Mind you, the ideas they have are very inspiring.

I hope everybody is enjoying reading all the different challenges that I do, I must admit that I am loving working on them. I am still beavering away at my big project and will attempt to write that scene this week. Is there anything that anybody wants to say about Alice?

The conversation that she is about to have involved somebody she has only just met trying to tell her she was in his dream because it is something that she can do. As you can imagine, she’s not going to

believe that. I am not expecting this a tranquil scene to write.

Oh well.

I think that is about it that I need to report practically. In a personal way, I am going to see Muse tomorrow, and I am very excited!

See you all next week.

Is not going to


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