WW: What once was lost…

I spent my childhood with everybody willingly pointing out my difference at every given opportunity. It was not like they were pointing it out as a good thing. Instead, they seem to tell me I was useless. It was bad enough growing up in an orphanage, but my lack of arms made me stand out in a crowd.

Not just the kids but the staff were always keen to remind me. I mean, they never directly said anything, but they organised things for all others to do that would exclude me. The first aid class where I learnt that I could do nothing to help people survive, to things like piano lessons. They did one thing though that backfired and some spectacular fashion. They organised a painting class, and I quickly learned how to use my feet to hold the paintbrush. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy that day, but I also turned out to be a very good painter. From that day on, it was all I did.

I got to watch while all the other children were being adopted and I had completely given up on the whole idea. In fact, I had already planned out exactly what I would do when I turned 18. I would move out and find a place where I would make a name for myself by painting or following my dream of becoming an interior designer. All the people from would know of my success out there and regret everything they had ever said or did to put me down.

One day, I was happily painting when I realised that I was being watched. I followed that feeling and noticed his intent green eyes regarding me in such a way I felt like they were devouring my soul. His lips crinkled into a smile, and he gave me a nod of almost approval. It all seemed strange to me as he just turned and walked away without saying a word.

Who the fuck was that?

A little while later, he returned. “Alice, pack your things, we are leaving.”


“It is simple. My name is Warren Forbes, and I will adopt you and take you away from this place.”

My head was spinning because it just seemed unreal. Me? Adopted? “What’s the catch?”

He laughed briefly. “You coming?” This was more of a statement than a question, but I nodded anyway. Warren had never answered my question, but I didn’t care any more. Finally, somebody had found me and would rescue me from this place that was making me so miserable.    


This was written for my own challenge of writing Wednesday.


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