Monday journal – 9 September 2019

I already can’t believe it is the beginning of another week! I know they say time seems to fly as you get older, but this is just unbelievable. This year is rapidly disappearing!

Let’s get down to business.

Right, on Thursday I presented my work to the writers’ group, and the feedback I received was, on the whole, very positive. There were a few overused words to look at and also some of the dialogue came over as too formal. A little bit of work to do, but not too much on that scene. The next scene, however, is going to be very difficult to write because I have trouble getting myself into Alice’s head in order to write from her point of view. I might try and do a couple of flash fictions from her point of view if I can just to get me in the swing of things. Keep an eye out for any of her appearances!

Last week I had the most views ever on my site. I may have only just got the domain, but I had a WordPress blog for quite a long time now. 89 is still the best ever for one day, and that was last Monday. I am not quite sure what I did that was different from any other week, but as many of the viewers were new I hope it will not be the last time they come and look at what I have been doing. If you are new here, then welcome on board.

New or not, you are still appreciated!

If you get the urge to do so, please remember to look at the page called my stuff so you can see exactly what I have done. The creepypasta is free to listen to, so you have nothing to lose. The other two stories featured with my own are well worth the listen.

On that page, you are also able to give me a donation if you feel like you have particularly enjoyed a piece of work. Nothing else to report creativity wise 🙂 See you all next week for another update.


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