#FFFC: Destruction


Oh typical, the one I said I wanted to try and write some flash fiction from Alice’s point of view I get a photo, with a hand in it! (Alice has no arms!)

The two sisters sitting outside as the sun shone on yet another summer’s day. Sharon, the eldest, had just found out how to make bubbles and she was determined to make the biggest. She was scampering around the garden with her hoop trying to fill the bubble with air.

“Diane, look at the size of this one, it is huge!” Sharon was admiring her creation as it soared to gracefully in the air behind her.

Diane gave her a wicked grin before she jumped up and popped the pristine bubble with her fingers. It was too easy to annoy Sharon.

This 100 word story was inspired by this week’s fandango’s Flash fiction challenge


7 thoughts on “#FFFC: Destruction

  1. Siblings will do anything to annoy each other. I think Sharon’s going to need to find something less fragile to play with than bubbles.

    My roommate will blow bubbles for her dogs to chase and pop. They love it.

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