Friday fictioneers: No horror here


One day, I found a pot plant in the porch. There were no clues where this had come from as there was no note attached to the little pot.

Not long later, it was a flourishing plant, although I still did not know what sort of plant it was. It looked like a spider settling itself on the corner of my shelf. Some people would have described that as creepy, but I thought it was beautiful!

The consolation was that it wasn’t following a total eclipse of the sun, and it didn’t need blood, so it wasn’t from outer space!

I write this 100 word story for Friday fictioneers. If you don’t know what I am referring to with the outer-space section, it is the musical little shop of horrors.


16 thoughts on “Friday fictioneers: No horror here

    1. I did enjoy your story about the space alien reliant on the lifeforms for watering him, he must have been watching some interesting things! I did mean to comment there but I did not have the right software plug-in that the time! Mine landed on the nice side of little shop of horrors 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting.


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