FFftPP: Granddad’s secret


https://morguefile.com/creative/GaborfromHungary/47/all _DSC7987

Granddad had a very old-fashioned gramophone that was placed in what was once his office. It was always immaculate, and you could often find him polishing it. There was a record on that gramophone, but we could not tell from the label what it was. Granddad guarded that as if it was worth more than his life.

It made me very curious, and he often caught me trying to sneak into his office to play that record. He was always reporting me to my dad, so I was always expecting to land in some kind of trouble. Instead, he told me that he was just as curious as me.

When Granddad died, he found out that the gramophone had been passed on to my father. Both me and my dad crowding into that office in order to listen to the record that had plagued us for so long. What played on that old gramophone?

Drews famous Carnival party music.

Somewhere on his cloud, Granddad is laughing!

This story was written for flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner.

If you don’t know what this piece of music sounds like it is included below:


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