Writing Wednesday: Revolution

It all began so slowly that no one even knew what was going on until it was too late. It started off with extra police because of the rise in violent crime. Of course, the thing that was not reported was the true statistics. It would have shown that there was no rise, the only rise was in media coverage.

Simple fact. Gangs have existed for years and violence in the capital is nothing new.

Then the police officers were armed with tasers for safety reasons. Again, not one person batted an eyelid at this.

Civil unrest was a common thing, and it didn’t take long before the police and the people were in confrontation all of the time. Arrests were made with no real evidence to back them up. After a while, people were demanding justice for people they watched being taken off the streets. A pattern was forming where the loudest protesters were the ones disappearing.

No murders were committed as far as people knew by those in authority, but finger-pointing was inevitable.

From there, chaos erupted in the streets and violence was widespread. The appearance of the military after that should have come as no shock. It was like the country was divided with nobody agreeing on anything. The only thing with this much violence is that there are no real winners. Some kind of compromise is needed.

This is written as a response to my own prompt of writing Wednesday. It is fiction, and I am sure that the spike in violent crime is not made up. I am not against the police carrying tasers either.


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