FFFC: Office timer

This is my first ever attempt at Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge, hope you all enjoy it 🙂

 The image below is from Mike at Pexels.com.


I don’t know why, but dad’s egg timer always fascinated me. It wasn’t because of the size, all the colours of the grains of sand within. No, it was the mystery. I mean, why would somebody have a three-minute timer sitting on their desk? It was something I never understood.

As a girl, I used to watch him while it was in the office, but he never once used it. All of my theories about why it was there seemed to crumble in front me. I had thought it might be a timer that he used to monitor the times he rang people. Not the case. Then I decided that he must be using it to measure time on a break. That held up no better. It wasn’t until many years later that they told me what he used it for. Apparently, when he was writing flash fiction he used it make sure that he was writing for no longer than three minutes. It is a rule I have adopted now that he has given me the timer.


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