SPF: The fright

Scary but true, this is based on something that actually happened when my cat was a lot younger than he is now! Yes, these YouTube videos do actually exist!

This is written for this week’s Sunday photo fiction

Photo courtesy of Sue-Z

Leto was watching one of the YouTube videos for cats that his owner had started on a laptop. He was sitting comfortably watching as a bird walked around eating breadcrumbs or whatever else it was picking up. He was daydreaming about his next meal, was it going to be a mouse, a bird, or even one of those meals from heaven that his owner poured from some kind of pouch? Whatever it was, he was sure that it was going to be delicious.

As a direct result of this daydreaming, Leto has started to not concentrate much on the video. He was enjoying the noises of birds as they chirped happily, but it was just noise in the background by then.

Suddenly, a squirrel appeared on the screen trying to help itself to some of the food. At sight, Leto jumped away in both surprise and fright. He scrambled backwards before running to find the security of his owner’s lap.

As his owner gave him the cuddle he needed to feel safe, he could feel her shaking as she laughed. He should have been angry, but he was too scared. “Cowardly cat,” she laughed as she turned off the video.


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