Friday fictioneers: the Long Hill

PHOTO PROMPT © Linda Kreger 

It was a warm sunny day, and the cousins thought it would be nice to take Granddad out for a stroll. Once he was in the wheelchair they all set off on their walk. When they reached the bottom of the hill it was fair to say that they completely misjudged the camber and length of the path.

By the time they reached the top everyone had been pushing everybody else along with the wheelchair. The nice relaxing afternoon had turned into the biggest workouts the cousins had ever done.

It was going to be a lot easier going down.

This 100 word story is my entry into this week’s Fridays fictioneers


12 thoughts on “Friday fictioneers: the Long Hill

    1. I must say, the girl at the back looks like she is having way to much fun for a workout 🙂 However, it looks like my cousin without my cousins wonderfully pink hair! So, the story grew in my mind


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