Rant: WordPress

I am less than amused.

They wait until I get a website to go along with the previously free blog, and then they go and update. (To be fair, this update has been available for quite some time but I have just been forced into it).

I thought this is going to make everything a lot simpler, but it is actually had the opposite effect. When I am writing my blog posts, I am no longer able to use DragonDictate. (Very annoying since that is what I use to type.) Not only that, which was bad enough, but I can’t use Grammarly which I have found incredibly useful. Neither of these things are free, though I have no idea why WordPress would stop the use of things like that. Especially DragonDictate, because that is almost like telling anyone that is disabled that they are unable to use WordPress.

The best bit? I can’t revert back to the original editor which allow the use of both programs! Grr! As a result I now have to create everything in Word and then copy it over to WordPress. It says time-consuming and seems silly as I could use both until yesterday. I can’t seem to get in touch with anyone from WordPress. If somebody knows how to do this could it please let me know? Alternatively, if you work for WordPress, please feel free to explain why these things have been taken away.

3 thoughts on “Rant: WordPress

  1. If your original editor was the classic editor (like mine), there is a plugin available which allows you to avoid the Gutenberg editor. Not sure if this addresses the problem, but this is what worked for me.

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