The student walked into her university class in the usual fashion. That is the fashion of comfort washed with a touch of can’t be bothered. Her baggy clothes did nothing for her figure, you need to win, and the messy ponytail looked like just that, a mess. She dropped her bag unceremoniously on the floor and, after retrieving her pad and pen, she sat poised to take notes.

Samantha was used to blending into the background and was quite happy going unnoticed as she studied. She concentrated on her lessons and kept her grades at a reasonable standard. She was no genius, but then to never pretended to be. She rarely spoke out in class unless she was specifically asked a question, and most people considered that she was shy.

This wasn’t the case, but it was something that nobody would have thought by looking at her.

As class finished her phone chimed with an incoming message. She read it, smiled, and then sent off a reply. It was time for her to go to work. She walked back to her apartment and disappeared inside. She took a leisurely shower and carefully washed her long brown hair. Samantha dressed in a tightfitting outfit of black leather before drying and styling her hair. She fluffed it out before carefully applying makeup.

It was somebody else who came out of that room, and her classmates would never have recognised the girl from class. Mistress Mayflower was out for business and Samantha was somebody long forgotten. The client was going to be satisfied with her appearance. After all, it was the question of lust.

This is my entry into this week’s writing Wednesday. I hope you enjoy it.


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