SPF: the lifelong dream

Now, I am going to screw my brain on and write a story for the correct date! I enjoyed the other prompt anyway, so let’s have a go at another. So, this 200-word story is inspired by Sunday photo fiction.

Photo courtesy of Artur Malishkevych

The couple were sitting underneath a palm tree on a beach looking over the idyllic scenery before them. This was the place they had wanted to come on honeymoon, but it had never made it for one reason or another. Here they were, retired and very close to celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

He sighed. “Beautiful isn’t it, dearest?”

“Absolutely. We have waited our whole lives to get to this moment.”

“I guess that is the joys of having children. We sacrificed everything for them, and now we finally have a chance to live our own lives.”

They stood up and faced each other in the sunset. “It seems so silly that we have waited so long to get here. Mind you, I wouldn’t change anything for the world. Not one moment.”

The comfortable silence of long-married couples descended between them as they watched the ferry docking into the port and tourists noisily pouring out from inside. The people were dancing, singing, and celebrating who knows what as they scurried away.

The man’s smile as he watched them were tinged with a hint of sadness. “So, when are we going to tell our children that we are getting a divorce?”


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