Do it yourself

The following is a response to my own challenge set out in writing Wednesday. Hope you enjoy it.

Do it yourself

It is said that if you want something doing well, you should do it yourself. This is true of all kinds of things from everyday stuff like washing, down to the more unusual things such as gardening. This gives you a sense of achievement, along with pride in your work. That is so much better than paying someone to do it for you.

I recently discovered this does not include everything.

There comes a time that you really should have called in a professional rather than watching YouTube and having a go yourself. This is especially true when it comes to something like hiring a hitman. If I had only gone to a professional, I would not be this situation now, and my life would not be on the line.

The beauty of hindsight.

Well, my husband had proved to be of little use. Not only was he unable to hold down a job that had a decent income for any time, but he was also unable to provide me with children. I was running out of time as women tend to do and yet I was tied to a complete waste of space. There was only one good thing about him, and that was the life-insurance I had insisted he took out. That money would really come in useful when it came to attracting another mate. We all know the money is a good bargaining tool, right?

So I set about formulating a plan. I thought it was going to be simple probably because I had been watching way too many programs like criminal minds and CSI. I fancied my chances and being able to hide everything I was doing from the police. I had been inspired by a particular episode of criminal minds where the killer had posed as a victim who has survived an attack by a serial killer. This gave him anonymity as well as sympathy from law enforcement. That is what I was going to do. I was going to stab my husband and then myself making sure that nobody ever found the knife. I even planned to stage a break-in to distract the police.

Best laid plans, right?

Wrong. I forgot to phone the police before I stabbed myself. Rookie mistake. Now, here I am bleeding to death and completely unable to get to the phone. My only chance of help would have been my husband, but I had successfully managed to kill him. I assumed so anyway because he was not breathing.

I was getting tired, and everything was fading away from me. As my eyes slid closed for the last time, I grabbed hold of my husband’s hand. At least we had gone together.

That was my final thought.



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  1. So, if I send this comment, it will not be read because the expiration date has come and passed.
    Speaking as an engineer for Helping Everyone @ Live The Happy You (Healthy), you should’a called.

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