Monday journal: 19 August 2019

It has been forever since I wrote one of these!

My only big news to share is that I got my first attempt at a creepypasta readout on weird darkness, which is a podcast hosted by Darren Marlar. If you have not already done so then, I would suggest giving the podcast a listen. Not just for the episode where my story was read, but most days. Monday to Wednesday are stories purported to be true (not my words!), And Thursday is creepypasta which are all fiction. If you have never listened to this or indeed any other podcast, then I would suggest giving it a go.

In fact, I also listen to weird news, the ghost story guys, and no sleep. (Yes, I know I am creepy but get over it!)

So, your big question probably is how is my main story shaping up? Well, I am currently writing it from both points of view, alternatively to try and buildup both characters. I would give you a word count of the whole thing, but Scrivener has decided to do an update and scattered my work all over my computer. It could take me more time to find it then it would to rewrite it, LOL!

Most of the credit for my work (the big project, and the creepypasta) goes to my writer’s group who were able to point out errors and show me how to correct them to make a better story. Without help they provided my work would never have been picked out by that podcast.

Nothing else to report creatively speaking so I probably going to end this here. I have included a link to my PayPal if you want to give me a one-off donation (only if you’re going to) on my contact page. However, you can always use my email address of as well as that link.


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