SPF: The protest

It has certainly been a while, but I’m definitely glad to see that this challenge is still going ๐Ÿ™‚ check out this great challenge here and read everyone else’s take on the prompt.

Photo courtesy ofย DB McNicol via Pixabay

The protest

The people began to gather in the courtyard. They were dressed in bright colours, aiming to get themselves noticed so the placards they waved would be read. This was the day that they had been working towards. It was also the day someone was finally going to take notice. Months of hard work and planning had all led to this moment. The atmosphere was electric as everyone waited for the start of the march to Trafalgar Square.

As everybody prepared to leave a solitary crow flew down to the empty pavement in front of them and squawked noisily. It was standing defiantly, as if in protest against what was about to happen. It glowered at the people in the front and squawked again.

People glanced uneasily at each other because they did not know what to do in the event of a crow stopping them moving. They did not wish to harm it, and their attempts to make it fly away were having no effect.

In the end, everyone had to filter by in single file. All the time the bird did not move, only continually squawking indignantly.

Nobody knew about the mothers nest nearby, complete with chicks.

11 thoughts on “SPF: The protest

  1. The ‘bottleneck’ reminds me of a dancing child beggar on the left, and a sleeping dog on the right of a narrow metro exit route. Together, they slowed down the movement of officegoers in the morning, but nobody could do anything.

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