Flash fiction for the purposeful writer: Balloons

I have been away for quite some time but am so glad to find that some of the challenges I used to enjoy still exist. This is most certainly one of them 🙂
you can find the details here.

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XxL3HMZ9Ywgj72pIQZQLuQZRBTr68OTE2WBG7e41 freephotos.cc

Everything was set and ready as the starting pistol sounded to start the race.

There had been three balloons in the sky waiting for the start. Unfortunately, the stray blank from the starting pistol had pierced one of the balloons. People looked on as the balloon floated gracefully back to the ground where it began to deflate.

Nobody was injured in the result, but it left the competitors disappointed and angry at person who had brought them down the favourite.

No charges have ever been filed, but that did not stop people from speculating if it had been a conspiracy.


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