FOWC with Fandango: Shadow


Today’s one-word challenge is the word shadow. You can find the challenge here.

The clouds skipped over the sky, casting their shadows on the ground beneath them. The clouds brought with them a promise of rain.

As the world around dark grew dark, the first droplets began to fall. The parched ground welcomed the moisture as did the various plants which had slowly started to shrivel under the intense sunlight that had come before.

People began to leave their homes in wonder as it had been so very long since it had rained that it seemed like a distant memory of a long-forgotten past. Outstretched palms started catching raindrops in delight as people danced about in the water now streaming from the sky.

Even darker shadows followed as the rumbles of thunder sounded from above. The approaching storm was of no concern to the people. The clearing of the air was as welcome as the rain itself.

Finally, the dry spell had been broken by the shadows of the clouds.


2 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Shadow

  1. Now you have got me looking forward to the first summer rains after this dry winter. Oh to calm the dust. I want to go and dance in the droplets, but I don’t think I’ll stay out in the thunder. I’m not fond of storms.

    Great story that I could feel myself in.

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