FOWC with Fandango: Creepy

Based on the one-word challenge, you can find here.

This will probably surprise you to learn, but I am not that good at writing creepy. (She says after having one readout on a podcast!) However, you know me, and I never one to back away from a challenge. So, here we go…

We have all heard the stories about the black-eyed children. You know, the ones who will knock your door and try to gain entry to use your phone. The general rule would be never to let them inside your house.

I never would, but do you know why?

It is not because I am afraid of these children that I think they are evil or trying to steal your soul. Well, I think they are evil, but it is not them that I am afraid of.

What if they managed to gain access and do actually use a telephone? Who would they be calling? Parents?

I don’t think I would ever like to meet a black-eyed adult. That would be something duly terrifying, so much more so than a child or two. I mean, you do not expect a child to have a lot of strength if it came down to a physical fight, but, an adult? No. I would instead not give them that chance just in case that is precisely what they are trying to do.

Phone home.


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