McKellen: Playing the Part (A review)

McKellen: Playing the Part

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I don’t often do a review of movies, but isn’t a movie. It is a documentary about a great actor and a very inspiring individual. I also saw the question and answer session hosted by Graham Norton which merely complemented the film.

Anyway, I have decided to say a few words about what I saw. Sir Ian McKellen is a great actor who began in theatre and eventually spilt over into the film and TV industries. In this documentary, he covers his entire life from growing up as a child. He said he did not think about becoming a professional actor even though when he looks back at his own life even he can see that the choice began a lot earlier than he first believed. As a child, he always loved performing, and love to dress up. However, he always thought that it would end up being a teacher.

In his first year at university decided the day was going to become a professional actor. The documentary is following his career at this point until he made a name for himself. Mind you, even though he knew himself that he was a homosexual he had not yet to come out to anyone. It remained a secret until the 1980s when AIDS was the big issue. Not only that, a law was proposed to prevent people discussing sexuality in case it was promoting homosexuality. It was then that Ian McKellen decided to come out and then with some main advocate for gay rights.

The documentary then focuses on the man himself and what he thinks about. He explained that as you get older, you start thinking about death and how it is going to come about. He also laments that he does not have a substantial other or any dependents.

I would highly recommend this as it is inspiring to watch how the phenomenon that is Ian McCallum came about. Anybody who is interested in acting or simply the man himself would be interested in watching this. It was very informative to watch the man himself discussing what went on in his own life. You can see when he discusses the death of his mother that it really affected him and probably still does. Then the death of his father when he realised that things he had blamed him for were not his fault. There is regret there that they did not be a better son.

The film makes for some very interesting viewing so get yourselves to a cinema and sit down and watch it.

Maybe I am biased because I am British, but I’m sure everyone can appreciate such a wonderful actor the man is. Nobody can deny what he has done for equal rights and is still doing to this very day.

Let’s hope it continues for some time to come.


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