Music to my ears

Just out of curiosity,

Do people have a general playlist that they listen to while they are writing?

I have a playlist for general writing which is instrumental music that I used to try and focus my mind on the writings spirit. However, as the story generates I tend to grow a playlist around each character. I find that this helps me get into the mind of the character I am writing quickly.

I just wondered if anybody else worked in the same way, or whether they prefer silence while they are writing.

If my work ever gets published I may share a playlist for each of my characters. Until then, I will leave you with this which is by general theme music for my book dream caster.

4 thoughts on “Music to my ears

  1. Not really. In fact, most of the time, I don’t listen to music at all when writing. When I do, it has to be instrumental. Anything with lyrics messes up my writing. Typically, if I do listen to music, it’s jazz or classical. Occasionally if my wife is listening to something loud in another room, I find an online white noise generator and listen to “rain forest” sounds.

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