100 word story: Rain


Sarah watched as the rain made its way down the window pane. “Imagine that we never discovered science. Would we believe that this rain was the physical manifestation of life? I mean, is every raindrop simply a life starting in the clouds and ending when the drop hits the floor? Just imagine the idea that every time a raindrop hits a house, a car, or even a person, it symbolised a life being cut short.”
Next to her, another figure watched as the rain fell steadily. They turned their eyes to Sarah; “But we’ve discovered it; we know better.”


8 thoughts on “100 word story: Rain

  1. Well, science isn’t really so much a discovery as a method of objective study (which has since been totally consumed by politics and government funding — but I digress). It’s just a way of looking at the world, creating a hypothesis based on observation, and then independently testing that hypothesis to see if it can be duplicated.

    Sorry, it’s how my mind works.

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      1. LOL. Well, there’s a reason I’m no scientist, being pretty much math-phobic. I still love the principles of scientific study, though.

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