The unknown war

Okay, so I was working on a piece of work that I was hoping to submit but it went in the entirely wrong direction. I don’t think there is any element of horror in this so I am going to go back to the drawing board. In the meantime, enjoy it and tell me what you think 🙂
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Christmas was allegedly the time for peace, harmony, and joy. Well, that was nothing but a load of all Crap. The worst part of it was, we were even the biggest bunch of hypocrites that went around promoting this fairytale story of happiness and unity. Behind-the-scenes though there was a very different tale about what went on Christmas time.

You see, there is an age-old battle that had been raging since mortality began to take hold of this land. We had been populating the earth for a lot longer than anybody realised. We were the original species of this little planet. That would apply to both of our races.

When the mortals arrived on the planet, there was a consensus that something had to be designed to bring them all together. There was so much struggle with the humans that we were quite worried about what they could do in future. By all of our predictions, nothing was going to be good. They were capable of too much harm.

We wanted something that would become a worldwide tradition and would be able to continue without being dependent on race or belief system. And so, Christmas was born. We didn’t predict that a certain religion would step forward and claim the holiday as their own but, in the end, our original message of peace remained in place, so we did nothing to try and reclaim the holiday.

You are probably wondering now exactly who I might be. I am merely a representative of my race that has decided to come forward and tell you that everything you believe is a lie. I am an elf, and I live, as the myth dictates, in the North Pole. I am nearly 200 years old, but there is no way that I would be able to tell you exactly why this war exists. In fact, nobody alive could tell you that as it has been going on for so long. The common belief, between the elves anyway, was the simple fact that we were chosen to be known as the helpers rather than the other team. Quite what they thought about it, I have no idea and have honestly not given it a lot of thought.

The other team? Why they were the snowmen of course. (White soldiers until humanity renamed them).

Anyway, every year there were victims on both sides in what could only be described as a bitter dispute. Now, obviously, there is no Santa Claus that would fly about and deliver presents to every single child in the world. Do you have any idea how much time travel and speed would be involved in such a thing? No, the whole idea is completely preposterous! So, apart from is a completely fictitious character, who was the person that chose us to be the helpers? Well, simply put, that was the humans who seem to decide that we were the more suitable choice. So, what did we do all day everywhere not making toys? Well, we were making toys, just not that every single child. We aimed to reach children in need of a piece of Christmas joy. The homeless, the refugees, the neglected, the list goes on. That was the only way we could consolidate our idea of this holiday.

Our working conditions were appalling. Not in the way that we were treated badly or anything like that. Just that, out of fear, we were forced to work in a horrific heat so that the white soldiers would not be able to enter our place of work safely. The journey to and from work was something that we traded and, as a result, it was not strange to find us travelling in large groups so we could watch each other’s back. The times that you found yourself having to make that journey on your own words at times that you found yourself walking along while clutching a flamethrower or anything that could provide the heat. That was the only way to defeat a white soldier.

They were fast. Of course, you humans would never believe this as they do not have any legs but, trust me; they could move at a terrific pace. Even those limbs made out of twigs became fully animated and capable of every complicated task involving coordination. We all knew that an attack would start with the release of a snowball that would strike you in the back of your head. Because of the heat that we were working in daily, this was usually enough to send your body into some degree of shock.

Because of the weapons that we carried it was not unusual to find that both of them had wound up as victims of this unbelievable war. A completely frozen body would be found still clutching their weapon that surrounded by water and a file of twigs that had once been animated limbs. We mourned both sides equally because this battle seemed incredibly pointless.

I have no idea what the white soldiers thought about the loss of life on our side as they may not see this as pointless. We would ask them if it was not too dangerous for any of us to approach them without them thinking it was some threat.

So, I am asking for the help of humanity. Many years ago you’d choose us as the helpers so, would it not be possible for you to change your minds? Or, if not that, how about a compromise where you consider as all working together as one happy team. You know, the kind of thing we do every single year in all of your shopping malls, or we are promoting the season of goodwill.

Surely you do have some goodwill in there? It is not like we have worked this hard overall these years not to spark something in your minds. Well, I am hoping that you didn’t because I need your help to finish the war that no longer makes any sense. Help us to be as united as we were before humanity came along and ripped that so unceremoniously from two of the original species. We once came forward to help you, and now you need to do the same for us.

Please help us make Christmas a time of unity and peace for everybody, including us.


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