SPF: Really over

23 J Hardy Carroll 11 February 2018© J Hardy Carroll

It seemed like the door had remained closed for as long as memories existed. This wasn’t the case that nobody was allowed entry apart from one small person encased within the room. The door was only opened to allow food and drinks to be taken inside.
Funnily enough, the person within the room was not a prisoner. They were not forced to stay in the place but it was their choice. It seemed surprising anybody would choose such an existence but, it turns out, there are many people in the world similar to that person inside the room.
The morning the door cracked open was something that people would never forget. The person staggered outside revealing space covered in sticky notes, crumpled paper, and long forgotten cups of beverage. They ran a hand through the tangled mass of hair and blinked in the morning sunlight. “It is over; really over.” The voice was full of what sounded like disbelief.
They disappeared down that hallway and, out of curiosity, the children put their heads inside of the room to find out what the commotion was about. On the computer the words ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – final draft’ shone prominently.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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6 thoughts on “SPF: Really over

  1. Ha ha! As soon as I got to the part about the post-it notes, I thought, Wait, that sounds like how a writer would act while finishing a novel! I wish I could do that, just hole up in my apartment and write all day (instead of going to work) and have someone bring me food. Ah…


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