SPF: Cartoons aren’t always fun

20 CEAyr January 21st 2018© C E Ayr

It was early evening, and Duncan myself had been drinking since the pubs had opened that morning. We had been celebrating because today was Duncan’s birthday and he was finally allowed to have a drink legally.

Staggering home, we had to go past the Windmill was in old man Barney’s field. It was right by the Windmill where Duncan tripped over nothing at all. Naturally, we both had a bit of a giggle about this before ending up sitting on the floor looking at this thing.

“You know, I have always wanted to try that thing happens in cartoons.” Duncan turned to look at my blank expression. He sighed; “you know, that thing where the sails pick up a person and carry them around full circle.”

“Oh, that thing. Well, what harm could it possibly do?”

Of course, that was the question I was always going to regret. Drunkenly, Duncan started towards the Windmill holding up the back of his shirt. The sail came round and picked him up making us cheer. The cheer died away when he reached the top, and the sail turned downwards, so the shirt slid away dropping Duncan to his death.

Apparently, plenty of harm.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


9 thoughts on “SPF: Cartoons aren’t always fun

  1. I guess they were too drunk to realize that the Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons can’t really survive a fall of 5,000 feet and rebound like a wheezy accordion.


  2. The things people do when they are drunk. Poor Dunken and the poor friend who let him and saw him fall to an untimely death. Great write Angie


  3. We’ve had kids dress up as superheroes and jump off buildings here in India. Cartoons have a much greater impact than we would like to imagine, and not all of it good unfortunately.


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